• I’ve completed a labor of love that was a work in progress for the past five months. Despite its being pushed aside for “higher priority” projects, I’ve finally given it wings. The paperback short story collection “Papier-máché Dreams: Eclectic Flash & Short Fiction” is available May 2019 on Amazon here. The collective stories of Papier-Mâché Dreams are an eclectic mix of flash, micro, sudden, and short fiction. Contemporary fiction, comedy, suspense, crime, and romance make this offering the perfect book for light reading at home or anywhere.
  • Second Act Writings: An Eclectic Poetry & Prose Collection was released in January 2019. The writings encompass various rhyming schemes, free verse, and poetic forms. The author begins the second act in life with this eclectic compilation of views on love, life, hope, comedy, and tragedy. Poetic forms include Shadorma, Nonet, and Triolet, to name a few. Some writings were inspired by her life experiences and others are pure imagination. The hope is for a reader to connect with a word, thought or feeling inside the pages. Available here.