Latest Non-fiction Memoir

Second Acts Press presents:

I Should Write Some of This Down: My Pandemic-Inspired Reflections in Late 2020. The book explores some aspects of the author’s life as she reflects upon a new-normal way of living the pandemic of 2020. Current events in the U.S. are explored as the Covid-19 virus brings changes to her family, community, and country. The last three months of 2020 are written in real-time. The pages are filled with accounts of the tragedy, physical illness, and hope brought on by a memorable year.   

The ebook is available on Amazon here and paperback here.

Other Memoirs

Photo credit: R.H.W. Dorsey

Second Acts Press Presents:

His Brave Heart: A memoir about a health crisis, love, commitment, and the triumph of the human spirit. A determined veteran fighting the toughest battle of his life and the spouse by his side.

The book is available on Amazon here.

Fiction Works

Flash & Short Story

Collection of eclectic flash & short stories with varying themes – published in 2019. eBook is available on various online retailers here.

Paperback available here:

Poetry works

Latest Poetry release

Pandemic-Inspired Poetry: Second Act Writings Vol. 3

The 3rd volume of the Second Act Writing series under the Second Acts Press imprint. Featuring reflections and expressions during the 2020 pandemic. Available on eBook at various online retailers here. Also available on Amazon here.

Volume 3 is currently available on eBook.

Second Act Writings Vol. 2

My 2nd Poetry Collection published by Second Acts Press founded in 2019. eBook available here.

Paperback format available here.

Second Act Writings Vol. 1

Eclectic Poetry & Prose available on ebook here.

Paperback available here.

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