Latest book releases:

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New Release – Debut Novel – February 2023

Carole Johnson, an amateur private investigator, navigates her life as a single woman and business partner in a family-owned dry-cleaning business in Pittsburgh in the mid-1980s. This suspense/mystery novels follows Carole the through emotional trauma of trusting a man who wasn’t what he seems. Will she survive her ordeal? Will she keep her family safe, and see her beloved cat again?

Available on Paperback and eBook here and also various online retailers.

Older Releases:

Book Three in the Second Act Writings poetry series “Pandemic-Inspired Poetry” is available on ebook and paperback at various online retailers including Amazon here.

The memoir: “I Should Write Some of This Down” gives the author’s reflection of the year 2020 as well as real-time perspective in the last quarter. Available on eBook and Paperback format here:

Previous Releases:

A story of encouragement and triumph of the human spirit! The combat veteran with his spouse by his side through his journey from a devastating prognosis of heart failure through implantation of a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) and Heart Transplant. The ebook and Paperback formats are available here.

Fiction Works

The eclectic shorts stories of Papier-Mâché Dreams are a mix of flash, micro, sudden, and short fiction. Are you ready for a journey? Available on ebook at various online retailers as well as Amazon here.

Poetry works

Second Act Writings Series

Volumes 1, 2 & 3 poetry collection by R.H.W. Dorsey

Three volumes of eclectic poetry by author R.H.W. Dorsey. Available at various online retailers and on Amazon books.

Second Act Writings Vol. 2

My 2nd Poetry Collection published by Second Acts Press founded in 2019. eBook available here.

Paperback format available here.

Second Act Writings Vol. 1

Eclectic Poetry & Prose available on ebook here.

Paperback available here.

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