Photo by Bradley Hook on Pexels.com

(I dug out an old poem written well over fifteen years ago in my naiveté. Today, I’m not much different and find I’m still hopeful for humanity in this world’s chaos.) 

In My Mind’s Eye 


In my mind’s eye, I see a world

where poverty is non-existent

Pictures in museums are the only

places I can see bombed-out cities.

Cancer, AIDS and other deadly

diseases are but a memory.

Children are protected and loved

at all costs. Husbands and wives spend

their entire lives loving each other.

God’s beautiful creations are unscathed

by man’s interference. Plant and

animal life isn’t endangered

and thrive abundantly.


In my mind’s eye, when I look at you

I see God’s love at it’s finest.


Copyright©  2005 R.D.