Poetry & Prose

Healers Disguised as Children

Sunbeams of love

run around my house

wonderfully polluting

the air with squeals of

laughter and joy.

Gloriously, they play

unaware of their healing

powers. I drink in the soothing elixir of their presence.


I truly believe that what we humans call LOVE in its purest form transcends all living species. When I see love shown by human beings to their children or loved ones unconditionally and, in turn, see how a simple creature can show love by protecting its offspring – I know that LOVE must be a gift from God to the universe.   ~ ©2010 R.H.W Dorsey


“Live well, leaving no victims and causing little harm while speaking your truth. You’ll have no regrets.”  ~ ©2022 R.H.W. Dorsey

“Life is hard enough without trying to fit into boxes created by other people. Embrace your authentic self and break free.” ~ ©2019 R.H.W. Dorsey

“Rejoice in the harsh lessons life teaches you as they have made you the spectacular person you are at this moment in time.” ~ ©2002 R.H.W. Dorsey

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