Born from a woman

with a lion’s spirit

and a heart of gold,

I go about the business

of living every day

to walk on soft carpets

at dawn still groggy

from sleep, but on rare

occasions my feet seem to

flow like a stingray

traveling through ocean waters.

The yellow and teal designs

on my teapot are reminders

of beauty in the world.

Cold faucet water pouring

into the pot sounds like

tiny waterfalls on metal.

The tall, wood-stained barrier

with noisy hinges threaten

to act as a harbinger of

my arrival like the wolf’s howl

to its pack. My wooden door

is a fortress of seclusion

and its lock is my first love

at the beginning of each day.    

©2019 R.H.W. Dorsey

The poem above is from Second Act Writings Volume 2 : Poems on Life, Love, and Other Musings now available on ebook at: https://books2read.com/u/bWBy6W AND on paperback at: http://mybook.to/SecActVol2Amazon

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