Writing in November

It’s been only a few months that I became familiar with the National Novel Writing Month that begins in November.  As a world-class procrastinator on writing and other things I’ll not mention here, the challenge to write a novel in one month is a beautiful thing.  I’ll be held to self-imposed daily word count deadlines with an actual end date. The month of October has been super busy for me and November promises to be the same. On this last day of October, I realize that I could have done more to prepare for the hours of daily writing that’s required. However, I’m a big fan of ‘winging it.’

Fiction or Non-Fiction Dilemma:

For the last two months, I’ve thought seriously about writing a fiction novel in the month of November. There were more than a few ideas I’ve toyed with, considered, and reconsidered for the subject of my first novel. I’ve spent the past month writing a couple short stories and poems to get the creative juices flowing in my brain. Since my passions are writing flash fiction, short stories, and poetry, writing a novel seems daunting. However, I’m embracing the task full on. Discovering NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month as above) continues to excite me daily.

Conversely, in the past few weeks, I found out about “Write Nonfiction in November” via a Facebook writer’s page. The challenge is to write a work of Nonfiction in thirty days. This challenge may solve my procrastination on writing a specific non-fiction novel I’ve been putting off for one year, five months and twenty-six days. Yes, the procrastination is serious in this one.

With all that said, on this last day of October 2018, I’ve decided to go ahead and write my first full length, nonfiction novel starting tomorrow. In full disclosure, I recently prepared a preliminary outline for my nonfiction novel.  There may be hope for my procrastination after all. I don’t plan to complete final editing and final drafts in one month. However, completing a first full draft of the novel in thirty days would be awesome.

I think I’ll do fine. I’ll claim it, throw it out to the universe, work hard, and make it happen.

I’ve rambled on, I know. But, it’s my blog and I write what I want 😊.

Happy writing to all you writers that love a challenge!