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Next up: Monday Night Football for the Pittsburgh Steelers

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My last blog post was shortly before the match-up between my Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 8 of the NFL 2022-23 season. The Eagles won the game 35-13. Pittsburgh has faced 2 opponents since that fateful game. While that was three weeks ago, there was a Bye week after our hammering by the Eagles. The break was right on time, in my opinion. Week 10 came around, and Pittsburgh hosted New Orleans. The Steelers won the game 20-10. The defeat of the Saints seemed to be the boost the team needed at the time. Then, Week 11 rolled around this past Sunday, November 20th. The Bengals won the game 37-30. Pittsburgh’s defeat by Cincinnati in Week 11 took my team’s season record to 3-7.  

The Steelers are currently at the bottom of their AFC North Division (but tied with the Cleveland Browns, who have a 3-7 record also). The Browns have a slight edge by having a better conference record. Okay, so that’s the recap. There are seven weeks of football left. I’ll say my team is in a long home stretch of sorts. The Steelers are on the road for the next two games. Still, I hold out hope the Steeler will turn everything around. The current stats I’ve seen in the past day or two seem to indicate the Steelers aren’t any the hunt for any playoff hopes. I think the weeks ahead will be rough, but of course, anything is possible. I will say I take issue with some of the rhetoric I’m hearing on Steeler fan websites. In particular, the notion that my team should lose the rest of the games to get first and second-draft picks pollutes my ears. My hopes are the Steelers end with a respectable record – period. Who plays to lose? The notion is ridiculous to this fan.

Next up: The Steeler play Monday Night Football at the Colts on November 28th. The Steelers have a winning record for appearances on Monday Night. However, the 49ers’ win yesterday, on Monday Night Football, broke the tie between Pittsburgh and San Francisco (the 49ers now have 52). The Steelers are now number two on the list of most Monday Night Football wins at 51.   

I’m hoping I’ll have good news on my next blog concerning my Pittsburgh Steelers.

Here We Go, Steelers, Here We Go!