Flashes of Fiction

2016 Fireworks by R.H.W. Dorsey

My very first publication in 2005 was a chapbook Flashes of Fiction Poetry & Prose published by a small press. Flash and short fiction of the eclectic variety is a passion of mine even now as I’ve written a full novel. I’ll share old and new ‘flashes of fiction’ from time to time on this page.

(Flash Fiction by R.H.W. Dorsey)

Strawberry Daydreams

The initial smells that turned my stomach and at times took my breath away most likely still inhabit my surroundings. I remember the overwhelming smell of cleaning solution on the still drying floor when I was first wheeled into the room that’s now my home. In the beginning, the stench of collective bodily waste that included my own filled the air. Back then, the pungent odors would violently attack my senses and serve as an alarm clock especially in the early morning hours. Now, I look forward to the occasional small slice of strawberry shortcake delivered randomly with one of my meals. The dessert with the tiny strawberry slice on top transports my thoughts back to younger and healthier times. I purposely permeated my real home with scents of strawberry. Candles, oils, potpourris, sprays, incenses, soaps, and anything strawberry was not subtle in my home. Now that I can’t smell the cleaning solutions and pungent odors in this place, I fear I’m nearing my end.



The flash story “Strawberry Daydreams” was published in Papier-Mâché Dreams: Eclectic Short & Flash Fiction” available on paperback and eBook formats at various online retailers including Amazon here.

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