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Positive Affirmations

I’ve read varying views about positive affirmations over the years. There’s something wonderful to be said about surrounding ourselves with positive thoughts, in my opinion. Why not positivity? The fate of the world we inhabit is getting more uncertain even as I write this piece. I personally believe we become our thoughts over time. Do you think we have a choice in how we view our lives and the world?

I wonder if anyone would purposely choose a life of negativity? I’d like to believe the answer to the question would be no for the majority. I’ll go out on a limb and say no one wakes up affirming negative thoughts to carry them through their day (except maybe serial killers and psychopaths). I remember learning theories on how environment and genetics can influence personality. Psychology and sociology aren’t in my wheelhouse so it’s all I’ll say on the subject. Negativity can rule a person’s life and ruin future blessings. We all have our bad days and some of us are generally more negative than others. Thankfully, variety makes our world interesting. I don’t think any person can be positive every day of their life. Stress from work, family and our environment can put the nicest person in a horrible funk at any given moment. There’s always a reason behind the antagonists we meet in this life. From childhood into adulthood, most of us have known people who see the worst in everything. I’m sure even Fred Rogers had his bad days, but I’m glad I didn’t get to see it (I can’t imagine it though) 😊.  When I was a child, you couldn’t tell me Mr. Rogers was talking to anyone other than me when he told me from the television, I was special and there’s no one in the world like me.

I believe we can absolutely choose to focus on positivity in all its forms to carry us through life. It’s easier said than done to choose positivity when outside forces threaten to upset our happiness. Being proactive to negativity and choosing how I react to those forces took a long time to learn over the years. I haven’t mastered facing every roadblock with complete positivity, but I always give it a try. Daily positive affirmations, focused meditation, quiet time, music, and prayer enhances positivity in my life.

How do you stay positive in your life? What are your thoughts on positivity?

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