Disaster in Haiti

The country of Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake on January 12, 2009.  The early estimate of casualties are in the hundred of thousands. Two days have passed since the earthquake struck Haiti. These early  days are critical for rescue efforts and to treat the injured. The outpouring of assistance from the United States and well as the International community warms my heart.  While it’s always difficult to watch images of people suffering in the streets, mothers carrying babies looking for help and the dead lying on the ground – I feel it’s necessary to see these images.  The images makes the tragedy real to outsiders.  Not so many years ago before twitter, facebook, the internet, television, etc…. -could you imagine how much support the people of Haiti would receive in time to save lives?  While many lives were lost on January 12th, it’s likely that many will be saved as the international community converges on this country to lend a hand. It’s the human spirit at its best, in my opinion. 

The U.S. State Department (state.gov)  suggested the easiest way to help with relief efforts in Haiti is  by sending a text to the Red Cross International Relief Fund:   Text the word HAITI to 90999.  

Also, here’s a link of other charitable organizations that are helping with relief efforts: