Ted Kennedy dies at age 77

Prayers to the Kennedy family on their loss.  Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy passed away at his home as noted in a statement by his family early Wednesday 8/25/2009. 

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Jena 6 student Jesse Ray Beard: where he is now?

What a great story to read today! When the Jena 6 story was in the news back in 2007. I, like many of my friends and countless others across the U.S. felt the need to pass the story on to shed a light on what was going on that small Louisiana town. Famous figures such as Rev. Al Sharpton got involved in the controversial issue of what many termed overt racism toward six young students in the town. You can read the history in many places online. What touched me today was CNN’s article about what became of one of the students – Jesse Ray Beard. The entire timeline of the events surrounding the “Jena 6” incident reads as what might be a great novel or even motion picture. However, this story is as real as it gets, and the beauty of it is it’s only beginning for Jesse Ray Beard. When people such as Alan Howard come along to touch the life of a person to whom they have no ties, it’s as inspirational as it gets. CNN writes about what Jesse Ray Beard is doing now (link below). It’s takes a “village” to change a life as many have said. How true!