National Relaxation Day

relaxation image

Who knew?

Obviously, not me. I stumbled on the information while on Twitter late this afternoon. I’m laughing right now at how many “National” this and that days I’ve seen lately.  I’m sure there are new “national” days created by organizations and people every day. It would’ve been wonderful if I had a reminder prior to today about National Relaxation Day. I could’ve planned something super relaxing. Maybe, I’ll get some benefit of relaxing later. One can only guess that the whole social media craze is to blame for the onslaught of National Days that fly by every day. (Am I showing my age?)  I probably should have researched the subject as per my normal routine. I could’ve added interesting tidbits on some of the more popular themed days. It’s an interesting premise, but that’s another blog for another day.

Today, I’m feeling lackadaisical, so I’ll not research the topic. Until next time. 😊


No Shortage of issues to BLOG about…

So, it’s been more than a minute since I’ve last posted on this blog. A couple of years have passed. The state of my life and this United States of America have changed. I don’t have any plans on which direction I’ll take by reviving this blog. It started out years ago as a cathartic form of self-expression on my issues of interest. I have no plans to promote anything at this time. I do, however, have many opinions on what’s going on in my world and universe. Maybe, I’ll just start there.