Apple plans to give bumpers to iPhone 4 users

Apparently the press conference held by Apple today resulted in plans to offer iPhone 4 users.   Numerous news reports have told of how users of the new iPhone 4 were getting poor reception and dropped calls.  The bumper Apple plans to give users is supposed to cover the antenna that users touch while holding the phone.


See story at:  http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-501465_162-20010787-501465.html?tag=breakingnews


Social Media Marketing

Media marketing: A relatively new term that I’ve heard called “Social Media Marketing” as well.  What’s it all about?  Generally, from what I’ve found out so far by viewing tweets on my Twitter, reading blogs and internet research – social media marketing is the new way to generate knowledge about your business.  Right now, in my opinion, this new way of doing business appears to have endless possibilities. But, with most things in cyberspace – change is inevitable.  Stay tuned.

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