MONDAY – Pre-election Day 2018

If you’re a U. S. citizen, are you ready to vote tomorrow? We’ve heard for some time now this election is the most important election in a long while. Some have gone so far as to say the election on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, is the election of our lifetime. I’m not sure about that previous statement, but with the political climate today the election tomorrow is super important. One thing I’m certain of is that my household has a personal commitment to be at the polls casting our votes.

I’m dating myself by saying I voted in the 1980 election, but it’s true. It was the most exciting thing I’d done in my life to that point. I felt like a full-fledged adult and had my driver’s license and voter’s registration to prove it.  The election of November 1980 was a Presidential election and I took it very seriously. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of those my age who lost their youthful excitement about voting would just vote their conscious and see what happens? I mean, to just throw your vote out and hope for the best? In the end, that’s all we can do – our best.

We can argue that voters are adults with minds of their own and shouldn’t have to be convinced to vote. After all, the laws and policies that govern our lives in the United States are directly affected by the voting public. Sounds simple, right? You’d be surprised at the rhetoric of people that don’t vote. My frustration with the non-voter no matter the party affiliation runs deep. There are older members of my family that have experiences in the past of being stopped at the polls for trying to cast their vote. Knowing family members or anyone that fought for the right to vote were denied is the absolute reason I exercise that right. I believe in my country and our system of democracy (too preachy, oh well). While our Constitution gives us the ‘right’ to vote, there are always debates on whether voting is a privilege. Personally, I’m hoping to never see the day where citizens are given a ‘privilege’ to vote. What would be the criteria to grant one a privilege to vote? The prospect would seem too subjective and unfair in my opinion.

Finally, I’m noticing most people talking about voting lately in a way I haven’t heard in a long while. People are mouthing the words “no matter what your party affiliation get out and vote.” That’s new, in the past one mostly heard be sure to vote “this party” or “that party” period. It’s easy to notice the desperation and seriousness voters in this country have about this election. The fact for the apathetic non-voter is no matter your feelings about the political party leading the House or Senate, the policies trickle down to your interests on a state and local level. I’m hoping everyone in this country eligible to vote goes to the polls tomorrow. Or, if you’ve already voted in early voting or by absentee ballot – great!