Day 13 WD 2018 November Pad Chapbook Challenge

warn giyse

2018 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 13

Today’s prompt (see link above) was for a quiet or loud poem. Here’s my free verse:


“Quiet warmth”


The humming of our heater

is loud serving as music

to my ears as I sit in

beautiful silence letting

the humming and warmth carry

me back to the days of cold

and cuddling against my

siblings as we wore winter

coats day and night. My pillow

now is warm and my comforter

as soft as cotton balls. Oh,

I wish I could transport some

warmth and blankets back to

those children shivering in

their beds as a mother cried

silently in the coldest room.

I want to tell the children

they won’t always be cold.

Resounding heater humming

and soft blankets are the truth.

copyright 2018 R. H. Dorsey