Lessons Learned with Dr. Oz

…Was watching a taped episode of The Dr. Oz Show recently.  It amazes me how much useful information he gives to his audience daily. The episode included a segment on “10 Major-Agers”.  According to the Dr.,  there are products/ingredients most of us have in our household that really contribute to an accelerated aging process! I learn something new on each episode of the Dr. Oz Show – no kidding. I have to admit to writing down tips while I’m watching (I’ve noticed that some people in his studio audience do the very same thing).

Here’s what I learned on that episode:

Ten “major-agers” found in most households:

1.     Cleaning Products containing chlorine bleach

An alternative:  use white vinegar and/or baking soda for cleaning.

2.     Mosquito Repellent

An alternative: Use citronella candles  (a known insect repellent)

3.     Soaps (with fragrance, color and no moisturizer)

An alternative: soaps  that are Ph balanced

4.     High Fructose Corn Syrup

An alternative: do not use anything with this ingredient – especially for hyperglycemics/diabetics;  

5.     Decorating Icing (contains trans fats and hydrogenated oils)

6.     Nail Polish (containing “toluene” – can be toxic to the nervous system and is used to boost the octanes in gasoline! and we put it on our nails…hmmmm…. see http://planetgreen.discovery.com/fashion-beauty/toluene.html )

An alternative:  use toluene FREE polishes

7.     Hard Liquor

An alternative:  a glass of wine (red, preferably)

8.     Cigarettes

An alternative: Don’t smoke! We know the drill ….causes cancers, very harmful to the heart/lungs/skin and body in general.  Get smoking cessation drugs/or get into program with M.D.’s direction

9.     Dish Detergent  (most contain NPE: “Nonylphenol Ethoxylate”…… I read this man made chemical has no know human health effects with normal use – BUT can be harmful to the environment since it’s not easily broken down in water and is toxic to fish…..  see:   http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/business/topics/pollution/39187.aspx)

An alternative: Find detergent that is FREE of this additive.

1o.   Mothballs  (contains “Naphthalene” which if inhaled can be toxic )

An alternative: Use Cedar chips.

The above was obtained from watching the show…..go to Dr. Oz’s website for detailed info:  http://www.doctoroz.com/

As the old saying goes……: “you learn something new everyday!”