Goodbye Kodak EasyShare

OK…… it’s been about 13 days or so since my laptop starting displaying errors and shutting down the Windows system.  I believe the problem started when the Kodak EasyShare software installed over 18 months ago decided to go  “corrupt.” I tried uploading photos from my Kodak digital camera a couple of weeks ago and the software wasn’t “recognized” by the system (this was “out of the blue” since I use the software several times a month).  Research online suggested an uninstall and re-install of the software -” been there done that” with not so desirable results.  Here’s the catch 22: after the uninstall of the Kodak software, the reinstall of the camera software doesn’t complete since the “uninstall” didn’t completely remove all of the software components and/or add-ons. A following issue was that once Windows would load, it crashed within minutes – every single time. Finally, a patch from Microsoft I accessed online solved the Kodak EasyShare application errors – days and days later. However, I hesitate to re-install the Kodak software now since it took hours and days (that I’ve never have back, unfortunately) to resolve the errors.  How do I know the new reinstall won’t eventually become “corrupt?”  “Once bitten….twice shy” – you know what I mean?

Today, while in normal Windows mode “explorer.exe” errors occur whenever Internet Explorer is run (BUT, no more Kodak software errors! 🙂 ).  I have about 2.5 minutes before the IE shuts down and restarts my computer – just enough time to check one or two emails – yippee!  At least two friends have suggested promising options that I plan to check out. I stumbled onto an online tech forum that indicated a system cleaner program would be needed or a re-install/copy of a new IE file – sounds promising, as well. One workaround I’ve found while troubleshooting on my own is to load Windows in “safe mode with networking.” Safe mode allows access to websites, emails and some applications. However “audio” files are disabled in safe mode and most of the frequently used applications on my laptop won’t load in  “safe mode.”  Being the “sound oriented” person I am, this is not really acceptable on a long term basis.  My normal routine when “surfing the net”, checking email or playing online games is to run iTunes or listen to music on jango.com.  Also, I can no longer listen to the Steve Harvey Morning Show online – my only option since the program is no longer broadcast on the radio in my area.  OK, enough.

Now that I’ve got my whining on the issue done for TODAY – I’m going to take a break and research what new camera I’ll need to consider. Those digital SLR’s are VERY appealing to me – but pricey. Hmmm……not sure if Kodak makes a digital SLR, but I’m not going there – ha!

Finally, I’m not giving up on my laptop yet since it’s only a couple of years old and has worked very well up until this point – software seems to be the only issue.

Seizing the day.

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